Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

Our mission is establishing human resources who embrace Participation Banking Principles as a lifestyle and to develop our resources by in a way that they will contribute to our Bank’s goals.

Our vision; to reach our place among the top 5 in terms of HR applications, within the overall banking industry.

Career Management in Vakıf Katılım

We as Vakıf Katılım adopt to appoint our managers from within our institution and accordingly support our personnel in terms of training and career development.

Our title structure is as follows;

  • Central Operation Officer and Teller (for Branches and some head office departments)
  • Assistant Officer
  • Officer
  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Vice President

Our employers are able to reach highest position/rank/stage by achieving self-competence.


Candidates may apply for Vakıf Katılım Bankası A.S on website.

Recruitment process for candidates start with receiving applications. Candidates who are considered suitable for vacant position are invited for preliminary interview. A job offer is presented to successful candidates who are considered to be qualified for the vacant post, as a result of the interviews conducted by the human resources department.

Wage and Vested Benefits

Wages are determined according to experiences and titles.

Our wage management system aims to motivate the employees while providing them competition chance to outperform their goals with a fare evaluation system.

Wages are paid on the last working day of each month.

Allowances include transportation, lunch, wedding assistance, maternity/paternity, certified command of a foreign language, relocation, and cash-handling allowance for the tellers.

Our employees benefit from Private Health Insurance covering their spouses and children.

Training and Development Opportunities

We as Vakıf Katılım Bankası A.Ş. care about our employees’ vocational and personal training. In this regard, our employees are supported by e-learning facilities, in-class trainings, conferences and workshops in accordance with their interests and positions.