No more lining up in the branches!

You may easily execute many banking transactions with your Bank card on modern ATMs of Vakıf Katılım.

Please visit nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch to apply for Bank Card. You may call at 0850 202 1 202 for further information.

  • Please be careful while using ATM for your security.
  • In case of doubt, when your card is stuck on ATM or you’re not able to withdraw your money, please notify us by calling 0850 202 1 202 to Vakıf Katılım Call Center.
  • Please do not accept help from anyone and do not walk away from ATM while carrying out transaction.
  • Do not forget your card on ATM.
  • Do not use passwords easy to guess by others such as your mobile phone, date of birth and consecutive numbers as determining your password.
  • Please do not let others see your password.
  • Please do not share your card password with others even with Vakıf Katılım employees.
  • Do not keep pins and passwords in your wallet or in the computer and do not note down your Internet Branch information in such a way to be easily accessible.
  • Please keep in mind that responsibility of your password security is all on yourself.
  • Please report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling on our Call center at 0850 202 1202 or branch and cancel your card.
  • Do not use foreigners’ phone for notices and deal numbers on public domain personally.