Internet Branch

Remove the borders with Vakıf Katılım Internet Branch!

Clients can do many of the transactions which they normally do in the branches via Vakıf Katılım Internet Branch anywhere having an Internet connection!

Clients are able to meet their Banking needs safely with our Internet branch’s user-friendly screen design and easily accessible transaction set with rich content.

Please visit the nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch to apply for Internet Branch.

Please call our call-center 0850 202 12 02 for further information.

  • Please enter Internet Branch by clicking the “Internet Branch” link on www.vakı Please do not use web pages with another referral.
  • Please be sure that your contact information is up to date for emergencies.
  • Beware of the e-mails which are claimed to be sent by Vakıf Katılım Bankası. Vakıf Katılım sends only informatory e-mails and does not ask you to give any information.
  • Swindlers may ask your personal information, password, PIN. In such a case please call our call center at 0850 202 1 202 immediately.
  • Please do not use your personal information as Password.
  • Do not keep your Password in your wallet or computer and do not note down your Internet Branch information in such a way that it can be easily accessible by or pass into the hands of others.
  • Protect your computer against viruses and similar programs. Make sure that an anti-virus program is installed and up-to-date in your computer.
  • Please use original software on your computer. Fake software puts your computer at risk.
  • A firewall software which you install in your computer is an important factor in terms of your security.
  • Please do not use Internet Banking in an internet café or on a foreign or on any insecure computer. Please use on screen pop-up keyboards, to avoid risks of Trojan programs such as Key Logger which may have been installed secretly on the computers in places open to public domain like internet café.
  • Increase your security by keeping your web browsers up-to-date.
  • Do not walk away even for a short-term while your computer is open. Use screen saver lock if you have to do so.
  • In order to access Internet Branch login with account number and password first and then at the next screen you will be asked to enter the one-time use password that will be sent to your mobile phone in an SMS.
  • You may decrease Internet Branch transaction limits via our Call-centers or branches.
  • By limiting the IP, you can enable to login only one IP address you have determined. Please contact to our call center at 0850 202 1 202 or branch to diminish limits.
  • You may put account limitation via our Internet Branch or thru our branches so that you may close your account to money transactions except monitoring. Please contact to our call center at 0850 202 1 202 or branch to diminish limits.
  • You may make Money transfers on Internet branch only with defined recipients. Please contact to our call center at 0850 202 1 202 or branch to diminish limits.
  • Please use “Secure Log Out” in order to exit Internet Branch. “Secure Log Out” button enables to close your Internet Branch session safely.
  • Please call for any further information to our call center at 0850 202 1 202.