Consumer Finance

You may implement your purchases of durable consumer goods such as white goods, furniture, electronics via Consumer Finance with facilities up to 36-months installments and repayment schedule which suits your budget best.


  • You may benefit from Consumer Finance for your needs such as white goods, furniture and electronics.
  • Opportunity of maturity up to 36-months
Amount of Finance Maturity Profit Rate Allotment Cost Annual Cost Rate
10.000 TL12 Ay%1.6250 TL%27.20
10.000 TL24 Ay%1.6250 TL%26.64
10.000 TL36 Ay%1.6350 TL%26.63

Allocation fee costs 0.5% of financing support excluding BSMV/BITT (Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax). Bank reserves the right to evaluate applications freely, request additional documents and guarantor, reject inappropriate applications

  • Application form
  • Identity Document, Driving License or copy of Passport
  • Certificate of Income
  • Other documents that may be deemed necessary and requested by our branches
  • Proforma invoice the goods to be purchased
  • If necessary, any of the copies of utility bills (fixed telephone, electricity, water or natural gas bill of at least the last two months registered on behalf of customer).
  • If necessary, similar documents are separately requested for the guarantors.

Please visit the nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch to benefit from consumer finance.

Please call our call-center at 0850 202 1 202 for further information.