Office Finance

You may benefit from financial support up to 100% with maturity up to 60-months if you need real estate investment to expand your business.


  • You may benefit from financial support for real estate you want to buy such as office, shop, store, lodging, warehouse etc.
  • Opportunity of maturity up to 60-months
  • If necessary, it may be requested collateral guarantee.
Amount of Finance Maturity Profit Rate Allotment Cost Annual Cost Rate
100.000 TL12 Ay%1.28%2.25%27.00
100.000 TL24 Ay%1.28%2.25%23.74
100.000 TL36 Ay%1.30%2.25%22.97
100.000 TL48 Ay%1.32%2.25%22.76
100.000 TL60 Ay%1.34%2.25%22.77

Allocation fee costs 2.25% of financing support. Standard appraisal fee is TRY 500. It may vary depending on location. Mortgage fee is TRY 150. Also it may be charged up to cost of expertise and mortgage transactions. Bank reserves the right to evaluate applications freely, request additional documents and guarantor, reject inappropriate applications. Allocation fee will be charged in advance from customers.

  • Application form
  • Identity Document, Driving License or copy of Passport
  • Certificate of Income
  • Other documents that may be deemed necessary and requested by our branches
  • Copy of the deed of establishment to be taken
  • If necessary, any of the copies of utility bills (fixed telephone, electricity, water or natural gas bill of at least the last two months registered on behalf of customer).
  • If necessary, similar documents are separately requested for the guarantors.

Please visit the nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch to benefit from Office finance.

Please call our call-center at 0850 202 1 202 for further information.