About Vakıf Katılım

“Vakıf Katılım Bankası AŞ”; was established on 25.06.2015 as a joint stock company with the establishment license of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency dated 27.02.2015 and numbered 6205 published in the Official Gazette dated 03.03.2015 and numbered 29284 and obtained the operating license from Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency on 17.02.2016. All of its capital belongs to General Directorate of Foundations, Bayezid Han-ı Sani (Bayezid the second) Foundation, Mahmut Han-ı Evvel Bin Mustafa Han (Mahmut the first) Foundation, Mahmut Han-ı Sani Bin Abdulhamit Han-Evvel (Mahmut the second) Foundation and Murat Paşa Bin Abdusselam (Murat Pasha) Foundation. Its paid capital is TRY 5.720.000.000.

Vakıf Katılım, one of the youngest member of participation banking sector, carries out its activities as an important institution of “Foundation Culture” which has survived until today as a significant component of our culture for many centuries and which has been maintained and conserved by the General Directorate of Foundations.

Having gathered Foundation Culture which is a significant component of the fair social life and interest free banking together, Vakıf Katılım aims to carry out its activities within the scope of principle to add value not only to its shareholders and customers but also to entire society.”