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İGDAŞ Financing Campaign İGDAŞ Financing Campaign

İGDAŞ Financing Campaign

Campaign Validity Date
01 October 2023 - 31 May 2024

Campaign Details

If you do not want high invoices to exceed your budget during the winter months, financing opportunities with interest-free and fee-free maturity options of up to 12 months, which you can use for your İGDAŞ payments between 01 October 2023 and 31 May 2024, are waiting for you at Vakıf Katılım Branches.

You can ensure that your upcoming bills throughout the winter are automatically paid from the financing limit, and you can spread the financing installments you use throughout the year with maturities of up to 12 months by using your interest-free financing of up to 15,000 TRY right now. Moreover, for applications made until January 31, 2024, a 3-month installment deferral opportunity is offered.

You can examine the sample table below.

Sample table that will appear if 12,000 TRY financial support is paid in 12 monthly installments:

Period Invoice Amount (TRY) Remaining Financing Limit (TRY) Installment Payment of the Financing (TRY)
November 750 TRY 11.250 TRY 1000 TRY
December 1.500 TRY 9.750 TRY 1000 TRY
January 2.250 TRY 7.500 TRY 1000 TRY
February 2.500 TRY 5.000 TRY 1000 TRY
March 2.250 TRY 2.750 TRY 1000 TRY
April 1.750 TRY 1.000 TRY 1000 TRY
May 1.000 TRY - 1000 TRY
June Automatic payment from account/credit card will continue for Igdaş invoices from the account/credit card you give an automatic payment order. - 1000 TRY
July - 1000 TRY
August - 1000 TRY
September - 1000 TRY
October - 1000 TRY
November - 1000 TRY
Total 12.000 TRY 12.000 TRY 12.000 TRY

Details of the Campaign:

  • The interest-free financing amount that can be used within the scope of the campaign ranges from minimum 5,000 TRY to maximum 15,000 TRY, and if there is more than one İGDAŞ subscription on behalf of the customer, it will be possible to use financing up to 15,000 TRY in total.
  • Financing maturity will be minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months. Payments will be made in equal installments. There is a 3-month postponement option for applications until the end of January 24.
  • Our customers who want to benefit from interest-free financing support within the scope of the campaign will receive automatic invoice payment order applications at the application stage.
  • For customers allocated with a financing limit, a financing account will be opened where only İGDAŞ invoices will be paid, and İGDAŞ invoices will be automatically paid to the İGDAŞ account through this account on the accrual date of the invoices.
  • For overdue invoices, payment can be made from the financing account. Past period debts will be paid by deducting from the financing balance from the current debt to the past debt. In cases where all debts cannot be covered with financing, partial payment will be made, and the remaining debts will continue to be paid by the inquiry payment method.
  • The paid amount and remaining limit information will be notified to subscribers via SMS for each payment from the account opened to the customer for financing.
  • If the remaining amount in the financing account does not cover the current invoice amount during the period of payments, a partial payment will be made within the remaining limit, and the unpaid debt amount will be transferred from the account/card within the scope of the subscribers' instructions on the last payment date of the invoice, and subscribers will be informed in this context via SMS.
  • In cases of cancellation/refund, financing installment payments will be taken into account and financing will be closed with the remaining amount in the financing balance. In case of an unpaid installment, our customer is expected to pay the installment first.
  • Vakıf Katılım has the right to change the campaign conditions and stop the campaign.

Campaign Conditions

  • To request financing, you must apply in person to Vakıf Katılım branches.
  • Residential subscribers can apply for financing and the applicant and the İGDAŞ subscriber must be the same person.
  • Vakıf Katılım evaluation processes will be carried out for financing and financing will be disbursed to our customers with suitable financial conditions.
  • For application, our customers' identity card and current İGDAŞ invoice will be sufficient.