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Supplier Financing System Supplier Financing System

Supplier Financing System

With the Supplier Financing System, we meet your financing needs without waiting for the due date of your invoices.

What is its content?

The Supplier Financing System is our financing support for the buyer company and its supplier, who have a trading relationship. It is a financial solution that enables the supplier providing goods or services to the buyer company to convert the receivables arising from the sale into cash before the due date when needed. With the Supplier Financing System, the buyer company and the supplier have the opportunity to arrange payments and collections in accordance with their cash flow targets. With this system, the main company makes its payments on maturity; the supplier company, on the other hand, has the opportunity to receive early payment for the same receivable.

How to Do Confirmed Supplier Financing?

It is our financial support for companies that have a buyer-supplier relationship, within the systemic structure established by our Institution, where the buyer, who is the addressee of the invoice, confirms and the supplier grants, and the supplier collects the invoice amount from our Agency in advance, while the buyer makes the payment on the invoice due date.
You can visit our nearest Branch for detailed information and to get information about our buyer company agreements for the Supplier Financing System.

How to Do Unconfirmed Supplier Financing?

It is the financing support we provide to our supplier companies that have a buyer-supplier relationship but without the need for confirmation by the buyer company. Our supplier companies can come to our Branch with the invoice they have issued, the addressee of which is the buyer company, and collect their cash needs from our Institution in advance before the invoice due date. 

For detailed information about our Supplier Financing System product, you can visit our nearest Branch.

Advantages of Supplier Financing System

  • The invoice amount can be collected in advance without waiting for the invoice due date.
  • With its invoice-guaranteed structure, financing support can be provided without additional collateral.
  • Collections are taken under guarantee.
  • It is fast and cost-effective in obtaining financing.
  • It ensures the balancing of cash flow between the buyer and the supplier.
  • A financially strong structure is established between the buyer and the supplier.
  • The network of relations with companies that are competitive and have strong cash flow is expanded.